Motorcycle Restoration Level 1 - Make it look brand new

Level 1 is for those with no limitations as far as budget, timeframe or expectations. Your project will be completely disassembled and refinished both mechanically and aesthetically. Everything is repainted, replated and gone over with a fine-toothe comb. This particular option does not limit you however. You may change colors, maybe add some custom touches or want it exactly as it appeared back in the day. Basically, if someone can walk up to a vehicle built years ago and say "that looks brand new", it has been restored in our eyes. We will not nitpick very small "from the factory" details unless instructed to do so.

Price Range: **

Small bike or scooter - $4,500-$8,500
full-size bike - $10,500-$$$$

Motorcycle Restoration Level 2 - Make it look good and run great

Level 2 is a process where the vehicle is not completely disassembled. Level 2 bikes are typically detailed, rust is removed, bolts are polished and the paint is buffed or redone. If the frame isn't touched beyond cleaning and possibly some airbrushing to fix blemishes, we define it as a level 2. Mechanically all major issues are addressed in order to return the bike to a safe, operating condition. The cost for a project like this is substantially less due to the reduced labor and part replacement and/or replating.

Price Range: **

Small bike or scooter - $3,000-$6,000
full-size bike - $4,500-$7,000

** Please keep in mind these are very rough estimates. There are many factors contributing to the overall cost of each project. Each bike is different. Each bike has it's own set of characteristics. You may end up with a "Level 2" that costs more like a "Level 1" due to unforeseen circumstances.

Interested in restoring an old bike or antique?

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