Yamaha FZR 400 Track Bike

Track riders are a rare breed. Passionate. Competetive. You don't see track guys often amongst normal traffic. That's because they are out on the backroads looking for the next twist or turn. When not on the street, the paddock is the only place you'll find them. Normally a track bike is not your finest looking machine unless you're on a grid with sponsors paying the bills. That being said, there are some who like to look as good as they ride. This bike is a true testament to the mindset.

We were given a set of rough Sharkskin plastic with the freedome to do our thing. Using familiar Yamaha themes, we came up with this look for the unique Yamaha 400 with a 600 motor stuffed in it. Vintage Yamaha shapes decorate the uppper plastic while a one-off rear section complete the main look. All said the bike came out great and is ready to turn heads while entering the paddock.

Yamaha FZR 400 Track Bike Photos

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