1979 Honda CX500 Cafe Racer

Honda CX500's are part of a recent trend of customization. The quirky 80 degree twin motor makes for an interesting visual element not found in many bikes. The cafe and bobber crowd have taken hold of this bike and created some really stunning customs. With this influence in mind, an enthusiast from Spring City, PA found me on the internet. He was working on a CX500 of his own and he needed someone to handle a large portion of the aesthetics.

The bike had seen better days to say the least. The engine itself had been repainted previously albeit not very well. The gas tank was buried underneath a ratty paint job complete with taped on pinstripes. The front and rear hubs were the typical faded aluminum along with the forks. The radiator was also beaten up pretty good. More...

1979 Honda CX500 Cafe Racer Photos

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